Arjuna Balaranjan | Design Director

There is no way that Arjuna ever really takes time for a coffee (or tea) break. If we published his complete bio and resume, a) you would not have time to read it, it is so long and accomplished, and b) it would scare you, it is so long and accomplished. Seriously, this Wesleyan University graduate has already begun his world domination tour and he’s only 20-something!

After completing his BA in Studio Art, which included a year-long pre-graduate program at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Arjuna set out for New Delhi. During his six-month stay, he worked in the fashion industry creating graphics for designer Varun Sardana and an event booth for Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, India’s best-known fashion event. While in Delhi, Arjuna also found time to assist Mobile Crèches, an organization committed to raising awareness of migrant construction workers’ living and working conditions.

Interested in the intersection of fashion, architecture, and art, Arjuna returned to the States and New York City to work with Michael Fieldman Architects and Kutnicki Bernstein Architects on large-scale public sector projects, teach at the New York Institute of Technology, intern at Chelsea Flower Clothing, and serve as an editorial assistant at Pin-Up magazine. In his free time, he plays the hammer dulcimer, Irish flute, and occasionally picks up some maracas. Now part of the Clickspring team, Arjuna brings a world of talents to the field of branded environments. Keep up the good work, Arjuna. The rest of us are going to get coffee.

Design Inspiration: Peter Zumthor