CCTV International | Studio C5

Beijing, China

2013 — design development

[ built in collaboration with Broadcast Design International and Flint Skallen / Billionpoints ]

With its signature sweeping, curvilinear newsdesk, this main studio for CCTV International communicates a balance of converging and opposing forces.

Elliptical forms contrast the rectilinear and intersect at the desk, symbolically positioning the anchors at the crux of the news, presenting balanced information and representing CCTV’s robust capabilities.

A corner of 103″ and 60″ monitors offers a view to the city outside, establishing both a sense of place and an open connection to the viewership. The 360° studio is further wrapped in color-shifting lightbox walls to flexibly set tone and expansive monitor arrays that support news narratives developed from unlimited international resources. The sum experience presents a studio both formidable and distinctive, characteristics shared by its iconic building, Koolhaas’ CCTV Headquarters.