DLTV | Xinghai Bay Omnimedia News Center

Dalian, China

2014 — design development

[ construction in progress ]

Eager to continue exploring international waters, we jumped at the chance to be part of broadcasting in China when DLTV [Dalian Radio and Television] requested a design for a move into the existing Dalian Convention Center.

Clickspring configured a project masterplan featuring three major broadcast studios, an extensive editorial newsroom, smaller auxiliary studios, conference areas, offices, visitor reception lobbies, and a tour path to connect them all. Inspired by the significance of water in Chinese culture and the building’s location near the bay, the design evokes the image of intersecting, radiating ripples created by drops falling into a body of water.

The central newsroom editorial floor is contained within an arced grand staircase which also serves to anchor the three main studios and two flash studios. The main studios are double-height spaces spread between the two floors — each starts at a different elevation but all are connected by the curved stair and its mezzanine landing. In contrast to the stair, each studio is a rectilinear volume and features glass faces boasting unique views to the editorial floor. The environment reflects the breadth of support and expertise within the DLTV organization. Reception and demonstration areas along the visitor’s tour path continue the themes of contrasting curves with rectilinear elements and using transparency to layer information.