Selected Theater Work | Erik Ulfers

Erik has been creating provocative environments since the age of five, when he carved a New York City skyline into the headboard of his bed using a dry ballpoint pen. The goal of that early work, and all of his design work since, is twofold: to communicate intent, and make an audience wake up and pay attention. Although the attention his parents gave him was not exactly what he was hoping (especially after trying to implicate his twin brother), he now owns a design practice in midtown Manhattan named Clickspring, after the mechanism of a clock that activates the alarm or chime.

Erik began his career in the theater, creating groundbreaking sets for dramas, musicals, ballets and operas as a resident scenographer for the Malmö State Theater in Sweden. He went on to design for theaters and dance companies throughout Europe, garnering acclaim, including Prague’s prestigious Biennial Award for Scenography.

Returning to the US, Erik expanded his design practice to the business sector. In 1990, he co-founded the internationally recognized Production Design Group (PDG), where he focused his attention on broadcast design, winning the first of his seven Emmys and four BDAs (Broadcast Design Award). In 2006, Erik formed Clickspring Design, directing the design and creation of branded environments for consumer and broadcast use. When Erik isn’t creating memorable branded environments, he designs and builds clocks.