Lynne Khouri | Office Manager

Lynne (pronounced “Lean”), imported from the villages of Lebanon (Middle East, not New Hampshire), is known around the office (or at least her own mind) as the “the Empress of Getting Stuff Done.” With an MA in Clinical Psych and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training, she works her education to its fullest advantage around Clickspring as she bullies, charms, cajoles and/or browbeats the creative types into keeping up with their non-creative work. No paperwork will go undone when Lynne is around! Much stronger than she seems (physically and mentally); she can handle any task (physical or virtual): moving furniture, hauling around shipments and deliveries, arranging and re-arranging ever-changing travel plans, and even staring down server crashes. She is ever-helpful, finding solutions, dousing fires and calming crises in a surprisingly efficient manner, even if she does make you feel horrible for asking for anything. And don’t let the picture fool you: she never looks like this at the office. Hair twisted into an unkempt bun on top of her head, feet wrapped in knee high Pumas and/or wooly leg warmers, she looks like an angry throwback to the 80s, without any of the color.

Self-proclaimed chocoholic and coffee-holic, Lynne comes to us from a full and eclectic background. In 2008, she moved to NY, land of opportunity, just in time for the market to implode. Before finding a home at Clickspring, she tried her hand at interpreting Arabic for hospitals & translating written documents and documentary films, and did stints as a bartender and a stockbroker.

Having no design background hasn’t stopped her from soaking up all the information she can get about the design process. Apparently, bluffing is also one of her strong suits: behind that innocent face is a devious and cunning brain that is sure to confuse, amuse, and abuse anyone who stands in her way of getting things done. When Lynne is afforded a moment to “Get Less Stuff Done,” she may be found near a swimming pool, perhaps with a cat.