Design and Drafting Manager

The Design and Drafting Manager works in collaboration with the Director of Operations, Project Managers, VPs of Design, and the design teams to assist in project design as it pertains to maintaining design intent and participates in and guides the production of CAD documents through project completion. The position involves working with project teams to help organize documentation efforts, reviewing and coordinating drafting packages, and assisting in managing CSD’s team production while overseeing the quality and accuracy of the resulting documents. The role requires organization and the ability to anticipate and plan for project related contingencies for both the internal CSD process as well as work being performed by partnering organizations. Critical to success is the ability to plan, organize, manage and audit all phases of document production thereby ensuring that work is delivered accurately, efficiently, profitability and to the highest quality of standards.

Primary Job Functions:

  • Coordinate with the Director of Operations and the VPs of Design to support and manage multiple simultaneous projects through all stages of document production
  • Coordinate and help to schedule and track project documentation to ensure all project milestones are met
  • Provide input and recommendations to creatively overcome technical challenges, reduce costs, and improve quality as an essential part of the collaboration with CSD project teams
  • Assist in the overall company profitability through efficiencies and effective teamwork
  • Provide leadership and mentoring of drafting teams
  • Encourage and participate in a “just ask if you don’t know” approach to problem prevention
  • Follow studio policies and procedures while upholding high professional standards
  • Assist in supporting design efforts by working with project teams to develop buildable solutions that maintain the intent of the design concepts
  • Oversee drafting team production toward timely, on-schedule document delivery
  • Prepare detailed 2D plan, elevation, section and detail drafting in AutoCAD .dwg format
  • Prepare schedules related to materials and audiovisual specification
  • Regularly review, correct, and report on drafting progress while maintaining documents for: quality and accuracy, correct graphic standards, proper information and layer management
  • In collaboration with the Project Manager (or as needed) participate in Shop Drawing review and mark-up – identifying and annotating any missing or inaccurate information
  • Communicate with project teams to provide clarifications and answers to additional requests for information
  • Participate in special assignments as needed

Secondary Job Functions:

  • Assist in gathering information from project teams to facilitate concept design and design development documentation
  • Assist the design team in maintaining and organizing project folders throughout the process

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Exceptional time management skills and a superior ability to multitask across overlapping projects at varying phases of development
  • Ability to provide redline drafting and read construction documents
  • Understanding of fabrication, materials and methods of construction
  • Minimum 4 years of experience with AutoCAD software
  • Experience using 3D modeling software, with Maxon Cinema4D preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering or related field
  • 4 to 5 years of professional experience, including direct supervision of employee
  • Reliable, energetic, and self-motivated
  • Cooperative and professional

Austin, TX