On Air: Gabby Li, Anna Henry, & Jacob T. Middleton

“On Air” is an internally produced series of staff interviews that showcase the talent and personalities of the people who keep Clickspring ticking. Our fourth installment features two conversations with our summer 2019 interns: Gabby Li in the New York office, as well as Anna Henry and Jacob T. Middleton in the Austin office. Check out our conversations about their studies, interests, and extremely relevant theoretical exercises involving ducks.

First up we have a conversation with Gabby Li in the New York office, who studies Environmental & Interior Design student at Syracuse University:

CSD: Okay, so let’s jump in! You have a unique background! What made you think about Clickspring?

GL: I was attracted to CSD’s unique assembly of talented people; I love the idea of people from different backgrounds contributing to a project together and learning from each other. I am also very interested in finding out how my skill set may contribute to broadcast set design, as it is something completely different from what I have been introduced to.

Gabby Li

CSD: And you just studied abroad in London and you’re from Beijing. We’re very glad you get our love for collaboration. Now onto the important stuff. Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?

GL: Horse-sized duck. The smaller horses will be too cute to fight. The giant duck will just be like an ostrich, and I’ve always wanted to conquer one, it will make a cool ride if I succeed in taming it.

CSD: Can you elaborate on this?

GL: Because it can run pretty fast, it can keep me warm and comfortable, it can live off of veggies, it can scare off predators with an impressive wing span, and most importantly, it will be my non-rubber duck floaty, and take me off a deserted island when I’d like to leave.

CSD: Touché. What were you most excited about when you started your internship?

GL: I was really excited to learn Cinema 4D and Clickspring’s approach for set design including consideration for cameras, lighting, and functionality.

CSD: Light, Cameras, Functionality! I think we may have just found our new tag line.

Next, we have a chat in our Austin office with Jacob T. Middleton  and Anna Henry, who are in the undergraduate architecture and interior design programs at The University of Texas at Austin.

CSD: Longhorns, assemble!

Jacob T. Middleton

AH + JM: … hi.

CSD: So. Let’s get the flattery out of the way…why an interest in Clickspring?

AH: I was attracted to the unique scope and range of people and projects that make up Clickspring, and I have always been attracted the idea of creating an experience for people. The use of technology and lighting in Clickspring’s projects also really caught my eye.

JM: I have a background in theatrical design that led me to architecture, and Clickspring seemed like a place where I could combine these two passions.

CSD: Do you have any favorite architects?

AH: I am very interested in Petra Blaisse. She has been able to intersect fashion, art, interior design/architecture, and landscape design, connecting the outside an inside and exploring textiles, light, and finishes. These are all things that I take interest in and I would love to be able to mix my passions with my career.

JM: John Hejduk. His architecture transformed recognizable and mundane geometries into forms that were alien and avant-garde. His portfolio of work looks like a postmodern hellscape and that’s kind of iconic. Also, he was a Texas Ranger, which is badass.

Anna Henry

CSD: Badass, indeed. Who’s your favorite fictional character?

AH: Ariel from the little mermaid, because she’s a mermaid, and mermaids are cool.

JM: Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars because he knows how to drive.

CSD: You don’t know how to drive?

JM: No, I ride the bus to work for fun.

CSD: Okay! Last question! What did you enjoy learning about most during your summer here?

JM: I loved learning how an architectural skill set can be utilized to perform tasks outside of traditional “architecture.”

AH: I’m glad I improved my drafting skills and how adesign is assembled and comes to life through that process. I’ve also enjoyed learning how Clickspring approaches design challenges that come with broadcast design in general.