Vice President of Design (Remote)

New York, NY 


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About Clickspring Design:

Clickspring is an international firm specializing in strategic, narrative-based design solutions. We create custom environments and sets for Broadcast news and sports, interior commercial architecture, and experiential marketing and events. Form follows content in all of our work. At the heart of this content lies a message that our clients wish to communicate. The analysis that gets us to that message and ultimately informs our design solutions is deeply rooted in the disciplines of theater set design, architectural theory and practice, brand building, and simple good storytelling. The built results speak for our clients.

Job Title:

Vice President of Design

Reports to:


Works in collaboration with:


Direct Reports:

Senior Design Directors, Design Directors

Job Description:

In collaboration with the CEO, CCO, CFO and COO, the Vice President of Design is accountable for delivering best professional design results for the company. The Vice President of Design must provide the overarching vision of design for the practice, while serving as the principal client contact and advisor for all creative matters. The VP is accountable for the company’s production of innovative results while helping to guide the internal teams and their projects to a successful close. As a member of the Executive team, the position requires collaborating in the creation of strategic business goals needed to guide the future direction and success of the company. The position requires strong client advocacy with the expectation that return business will result from award-winning design solutions and client satisfaction.

Senior Team Leadership

  • Maintain a constant line of communication between Executive Team and staff.
  • Prepare monthly status reports to CEO, CFO, CCO and COO relating to design projects, hiring, staff performance and financial goals. (could be done via a monthly Senior Leadership Zoom meeting)
  • With the Executive team, make final decisions on acceptance or refusal of project opportunities and scopes.
  • With the Executive team, make final decisions on hiring and training personnel.
  • With Executive team ensure all staff members are monitored and held accountable for job performance relating to individual job descriptions.
  • With the Executive team, advise in operations, strategy, marketing, and sales initiatives.
  • Work with the Executive team to establish reasonable expectations for staffing and project cost.
  • Continuously provide mentorship to the staff with an eye for individual employee growth and shaping a team trained in best practices.
  • Lead the studio by example, setting highest standards for performance and professional behavior.

Primary Job Functions:

  • Provide creative and design leadership and oversight for CSD projects including those requiring the coordination of larger project teams: deploying architectural and broadcast expertise (a.k.a.,hybrid).
  • Review all ongoing creative concepts for quality, appropriateness, and adherence to project scopes/briefs.
  • Provide final approval of all creative concepts and presentations before submission to clients.
  • Provide oversight and advice to the internal process of moving creative concepts through the stages of design, documentation and project construction and commissioning.
  • Communicate design solutions to clients through meetings, conference calls and email distributions where appropriate.
  • In concert with the Executive team, write proposal documents to engage project work.
  • Participate in weekly management meetings and calls such as the ‘Leadership Meeting’, ‘Operations Meeting’ and ‘Sales Meeting’.
  • Mentor talent and recognize achievements. Periodically review performance of direct reports as assigned.

Secondary Job Functions:

  • Encourage and participate in a ‘team-first’ approach to the practice, where clear and active communication between employees, especially when solutions are not apparent and problems are anticipated, is explicitly required.
  • Provide thought leadership and insights needed to position Clickspring Design as an innovator in our principal industry(ies).
  • Participate in ‘post-mortems’ of all CSD work to facilitate learning from project successes and failures.
  • Participate in and provide ultimate creative oversight and direction in the ‘Daily Huddles’ and ‘Staff Meetings’.

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent verbal, written, presentation and communication skills
  • Proven and award-winning design capabilities
  • Ability to communicate intent visually to CSD team members using sketch, 3D and 2D drawings and mark-ups
  • Comprehensive understanding of the end-to end design-bid-build method of project delivery
  • Ability to represent Clickspring Design professionally to clients, vendors, and partners in person and through all modes of communication
  • Drive for continually improving both process and innovative design results