Clickspring Supports Equity in Healthcare

Friday’s Supreme Court ruling fundamentally imperils how equality, privacy, and individual autonomy are addressed in the United States. We are outraged.

Anything that restricts the freedom of women, trans, and non-binary people to make their own decisions about their health harms them and our society. Limiting access to safe and affordable reproductive health care will hit hardest in marginalized communities, especially people of color and those in lower income brackets. Clickspring will continue to fight and speak out against the wave of abortion bans and any regressive policies that will be triggered as a result of this decision.

Clickspring Design is committed to supporting its employees and their immediate family members with access to fundamental healthcare. Effective immediately, Clickspring will reimburse or advance travel costs and lodging to employees and their immediate family who cannot access needed healthcare within 100 miles of their home. No questions asked.