Designer / Draftsperson

The Draftsperson works in collaboration with the design and drafting teams to participate in and guide the production of CAD documents through the completion of drafting packages. Applicants will work on a variety of project typologies including but not limited to global television broadcast design for major media networks such as CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and HBO.

The Draftsperson plays a vital role in the process of translating concept designs into comprehensive designer drafting packages. Critical to success is the ability to take direction and contribute drafting and problem-solving skills in the pursuit of ensuring that commissioned designs are delivered efficiently, effectively, profitably and to the highest quality standard. This is a collaborative position which requires excellent communication skills, flexibility, and an attention to detail.

Primary Job Functions:

  • Work with the design and drafting teams to produce clear and thorough design development drafting packages under occasionally strenuous deadlines
  • Prepare detailed 2D plan, elevation, section, and detail drafting in AutoCAD .dwg format
  • Provide input to creatively overcome technical challenges, reduce costs, and improve quality as an essential part of the collaboration between the internal team
  • Participate in a “just ask if you don’t know” approach to design intent clarification and problem prevention
  • Follow studio policies and procedures while upholding high professional standards

Secondary Job Functions:

  • In collaboration with other team members, participate in shop-drawing review and mark-ups – identifying and annotating any missing or inaccurate information
  • Communicate with project teams to provide clarifications and answers to additional requests for information
  • Assist the design team in maintaining and organizing project drafting folders throughout the process, to minimize disorganization

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Technical proficiency in AutoCAD with respect to architectural, event, or theatrical drafting; while not mandatory, experience with drafting in 3D AutoCAD is a plus
  • Exceptional time management skills and a superior ability to multitask across overlapping projects at varying phases of development
  • Familiarity with working within an architectural, event, or theatrical design team
  • Understanding of fabrication and material methodology appropriate for architectural and broadcast applications
  • Experience navigating 3D modeling software; while not mandatory, experience using Maxon Cinema4D is a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Theater, Engineering, or related field preferred
  • Reliable, energetic, and self-motivated
  • Cooperative, professional, and punctual

Austin, TX