Christine de Witte | Senior Design Director

What do you get when you cross Texas and the Netherlands? No, it’s not barbequed tulips, but it certainly makes for an interesting cross-cultural mix. Christine was born in the Netherlands and raised in Texas. Like the best Dutch designers, she has a talent for turning constraint into opportunity and stays calm in the face of the most daunting clients and deadlines — sort of like a Texas Ranger.

We love the hybrid blend Christine brings to the studio. With a B.S. in Architectural Engineering and a Masters in Architecture from UT Austin, she comes to Clickspring with an incredible skill set: AutoCAD, VectorWorks, MicroStation, hand drawing, Cinema4D, FormZ, SketchUp, physical model building, Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, teaching experience, AND she can ice skate, having learned on an inlet of the Noorder Ee in the Netherlands — the rink at Bryant Park serves as a seasonal post-work relaxation spot. Christine is also an avid cyclist who rides for Bike Gang Forever and races for Team Veselka.

Detail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist (it drives her crazy when people are careless with their o-snaps) Christine makes sure the gears are in tight sync at Clickspring. A bit of a visionary, she is constantly on the look out for new ideas, materials and trends in design, which keeps Clickspring up to the minute. Analytical, observant and cool, Christine makes the rest of the office seem, well, like a bunch of loud Americans. Which is pretty much the case.

Design Inspiration: UNStudio

 Pinterest: Christine’s Inspirations