Heather Rook | Controller

We suspect Heather Rook is a Master of Disguise as well as a Master of Business Administration, because underneath her formidable finance skills is a creative with a BS in Studio Art from Skidmore. Clickspring appreciates and needs this sort of hybrid colleague — one who values the process and product of design while still figuring out how to pay and be paid for it.

Heather has worn many hats in her more than 10 years of finance experience: bookkeeping; operations; project management; IT support; personnel; benefits; and overseeing all financial and accounting functions, including A/P, A/R, job profitability, profit and loss, balance sheet, budgets and cash flow. Her experience includes domestic and international responsibilities; she easily handles the multiple time, culture, and business zones we deal with at CSD. Besides a clear ability with numbers, Heather has a steel-trap memory that can access countless bits of useless pop culture information — do not challenge her to Trivial Pursuit.

With an upbringing in rural Ohio, Heather brought a sensible Buckeye foundation with her to NYC, but that hasn’t stopped her from landing in Brooklyn where artists tend to gravitate. She keeps her creative sensibilities active, engaging with fiber arts and that most demanding of creative acts: parenting. Just to keep life balanced, Heather has taken on running the half-marathon. Her goal to spread herself less thin will not be met any time soon.

Design Inspiration: Yayoi Kusama, Eva Hesse