Jacob T. Middleton | Designer

Jacob T. Middleton may be the most Texas Texan in our New York office: he loves cows, country music, and Dr. Pepper! Jacob excels at model making, Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino, and taking public transit. After completing his professional residency with Clickspring during his undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin, we were thrilled to welcome him as a member of our full-time design staff in 2022.

Outside of work, you can usually find Jacob watching a Broadway show or searching for New York’s best taco spots. Another fun fact about Jacob is that he’s the President-At-Large of the Blake Shelton Fan Club™. He collects all things Blake Shelton: koozies, coasters, and Shelton’s entire discography on CD. Jacob would like to give a shoutout to Blake Shelton for the inspiration and drive in his architecture career. Unsurprisingly, Jacob was voted most spirited in his high school class.

With the ultimate career goal of becoming an architect, Jacob draws creative inspiration from the works of John Hejduk and Robert Venturi. While this is his primary focus, Jacob would not be upset if he became a reality TV star along the way. We are so excited to have Jacob back and cannot wait to watch his creative success at Clickspring and beyond!