Joseph Aphram | Senior Design Director

Joseph Aphram has artistry in his veins. Two master’s degrees deep into his professional career, Interior Architecture and Scenography, we’re on the edge of our seats to see what he will do as a Senior Design Director at Clickspring Design. Joseph refined technique and graduated with these degrees from The Institute of Fine Arts in Lebanon, his home country.

Maximizing every learning opportunity that he could get his hands on, Joseph has sought out a multitude of worldwide design workshops. To mention a few: Artera China Workshop between Yinchuan, Yizhou and Shanghai, with a scenography’s specialists of technology in set design field. Powered by Arab Theatre Institute, Accademia di Brera di Milano’s workshop with Prof. Enzo Gagliardi in scenography and art direction… including lighting and set design for TV Shows, theatre plays, concerts and fashion shows and a certification by Masquespacio Valencia Spain, with Soy Ana Hernández Creative Interior design consulting for restaurants.

When Joseph isn’t creating something beautiful for the screen, stage, or store, he is exploring his own creative passions in large-scale oil and acrylic painting (see his work attached), sketching, photography, travel and most importantly dreaming. Exploring emotions and sensitivity are the basis of Joseph’s artistic expression and he believes that they give him a heightened attention to smaller details and a deeper design vision. He prefers to negotiate with papers, ideas, concepts… His home country of Lebanon, rich with nature and wildlife, act as a primary source of inspiration. In addition, he draws inspiration from the greats; Tadao Ando is his favorite architect, who he credits in helping him understand the fusion of lighting and architecture to emphasize sensation and physical experiences. Reveling in its joy and happiness, Joseph’s favorite place in the world is Disneyland. Having had already visited 3 times, he hopes to make it 30 one day.


Top of list for Joseph is to finish traveling the world – he has 19 countries checked off (creds) – but is always yearning for his next adventure into new cultures. As a world class designer with an international mind, we’re certain Joseph will leave quite a footprint around the globe and within CSD.