Karen Engelmann | Copy & Print Design

Content or form? Clickspring says: yes, and make it snappy. So it’s beneficial to have a copywriter that can design the layout. Or a graphic designer who can fill in the blanks. After finishing a BFA in illustration and graphic design at the University of Iowa, Karen began graduate work in theater design, traveling to Sweden for a semester of independent study. She stayed for 8 years, leaving theater studies to work as an illustrator for Sydsvenska Dagbladet, southern Sweden’s largest daily newspaper. She later accepted a position as art director for IKEA, designing and art directing the Scandinavian edition of their catalogue.

Returning to the US, Karen worked as an art director for Macy’s, Sotheby’s, and numerous freelance clients in New York. A growing interest in writing led Karen to book design, and while it wasn’t the side door to getting published that she thought, it got her closer to books and eventually content creation. Her own titles include Ornaments (Smithmark, NY, 1998), Visions of Angels (S-Editions, NY, 1998) and The Baby Box (Rizzoli, NY, 2000.) In 2009 she received an MFA in creative writing. Her first novel, The Stockholm Octavo, is published by Ecco/HarperCollins (October 2012.) Writing for Clickspring presents a unique opportunity for a novelist: working with designers who prefer few words (if any) on the page, and keeping clients and a big ticking clock in mind.

Design Inspiration: Chip Kidd