Wolf Hul | Project Manager

Wolf Hul did not appear at the office in a weskit and breeches a la Hillary Mantel’s King Henry VIII. He’s a Jersey boy. But he does have considerable experience in all things dramatic, from scenic artist to set designer and technical director.

Wolf has worked extensively as a project manager in broadcast, overseeing the building and installation of major news and sports studio sets. He started WINC Design Studio in 2001 to design and manage retail, trade show, and architectural projects. All this backstage expertise complements his performing talents, which include violin, mandolin, and vocals. Wolf started with violin at age six, but stopped at sixteen when it was no longer cool and he was too big to send to the time-out chair. Thirty years later, he saw the error of his ways and began making up for lost time, playing classical and traditional music and expanding his style to zydeco, blues, jazz, and old time fiddle. Play on!