Brown-Forman | Casa Herradura | Estación de la Familia Rosales



When you get off The Tequila Express in Amatitán, you need something solid to stand on; even better if it is elegant, open, and rooted in the traditions of Jalisco and Casa Herradura — the birthplace of tequila.

Over 45,000 visitors per year come to Casa Herradura, most arriving via The Tequila Express, the historic train tour originating in Guadalajara. In order to welcome guests in a festive and gracious manner, Brown-Forman commissioned the construction of a new rail station for the town of Amatitán.

Clickspring’s design for the station platform is inspired by the architecture and history of the region — down to the handrails and attachments constructed from the coa de jima, the specialized tool jimadores use to harvest agave plants. ¡Salud!