SEE Studios | SEE

Charlotte, NC.


SEE (formerly known as Sealed Air Corporation) has expanded its corporate communications strategy by enlisting Clickspring Design to create a cutting-edge corporate broadcast studio within their Charlotte, NC headquarters.

Officially launched in 2022, multiple discrete production zones blend formally into one another to create a cohesive, branded environment that serves a range of production purposes. Notably, a generously sized chroma key space lies behind two sliding doors, providing a canvas for immersive VR and Augmented Reality explainers. This allows SEE to convey complex ideas in the most engaging and interactive manner possible.

A mobile anchor desk establishes the main production zone, flanked by an array of monitors in front of a backlit graphic. Cross shots are supported by two additional monitors that track horizontally, offering multiple stand-up positions in between the studio’s zones.

A tertiary and more intimate production space designed for 1:1 interviews and recorded podcasts resides in a final corner of the space.

The studio is an asset for SEE’s internal communications, enabling seamless dissemination of information to employees worldwide. It has also proven to be an invaluable resource for industry presentations, where SEE can showcase its innovations and expertise.

The studio’s versatility enables live demonstrations and panel discussions, creating an engaging and interactive platform for thought leadership. Additionally, SEE offers the space as a rental production space when not in use. This not only generates additional revenue but also fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange within the industry.

By bringing advanced production workflows in-house, SEE has amplified its already broad communications reach. The corporate broadcast studio embodies SEE’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, enabling them to connect, engage, and inspire their employees and stakeholders.