Al Arabiya | Dubai

Dubai, UAE


The Arab world’s leading news media brand Al Arabiya unveiled new technology, studios, and design across its television and digital platforms in 2020.

The new studios are equipped with robotic Blackcam cameras that will enable the viewer to have a more immersive experience, showing not only the anchor but also the dozens of writers, reporters and editors that bring the content alive.

The Al Arabiya design reinvents traditional studio methodologies by distributing multiple broadcast zones throughout an active newsroom environment. Decentralization allows numerous camera positions focused both toward the interior and especially toward the exterior of the space – multiplying the options for a diverse on-air presence while creating a unique sense of place.

A variety of display configurations were created to support unique reporting styles. Rather than adhering to a prescribed 16:9 aspect ratio, LED displays were assigned size and proportions that respond to the needs of the content and the nature of the narrative used to communicate the story. Some examples:

For news coverage of longer more in-depth reporting, encompassing a variety of related events, long LED ribbons support multiple highlights and a walk-along, linear narrative from beginning to conclusion.

For social media coverage, tall narrow arrays support vertically scrolling feeds typical of smart phones and a swipe-left or right reporting style.

For reports with heavy analytics such as business news, the arrays were given enough area to present multiple graphics in a dynamic dashboard format.