Al Araby | Doha Headquarters

Doha, Qatar


Alaraby Television (التلفزيون العربي) has launched transmission from its new headquarters and broadcast facility in Lusail City, Qatar.

The network is celebrating the move to “Arab Ground” and being closer to the Arab public, allowing coverage of the region and its current affairs while maintaining a commitment to high standards of ethics and objectivity.

Alaraby Television was previously headquartered in London, where it has an expansive facility and studio that launched alongside the network in 2015.

“We launched from London and had a rich experience, with all of its pros and cons, and here we are building on it by moving to Lusail, to become closer to the Arab viewer, and able to hear its voice, through our new capabilities to provide an integrated news service in our new studios,” said Mahmoud Omar, managing newsroom editor at Alaraby in a statement.

The broadcast facility in Lusail encompasses 80,000 square feet including 43,000 square feet of studio space, with Clickspring Design leading the design.

The studios include tracking LED walls and the latest in camera robotics including a ceiling-mounted rail camera and floor units from Electric Friends and Vinten. Eastern Lighting Design provided lighting design for the facility with fabrication from Get Set.