Brown-Forman | Jack Daniel’s | Barrel House 1-14



Anyone taking a guided tour of the Jack Daniel’s distillery would agree that visiting an active barrel house is an unforgettably profound olfactory experience. Visitors have developed a keen appreciation of all the variables that give Jack Daniel’s whiskeys their unmistakable flavor profiles.

The Barrel House 1-14 project was conceived to meet these visitors’ expectations — in order to create an experience which delivers on the Jack Daniel’s commitment to authenticity, the project would become part active barrel house and part refined tasting environment. The design encourages interaction and exchange between those who know, live, and work in Moore County, and those visitors seeking a unique brand experience. In juxtaposing the ruggedly functional timber-framed building with the exacting detail of a steel and glass framing system, the design brings together the historic, functional authenticity of the barrel house structure with detailing suitable for thoroughly engaging contemporary visitors.