Brown-Forman | Jack Daniel’s | Motlow House



The Motlow House was originally commissioned by Lem Motlow, second in a line of proprietors who have consistently delivered the best Tennessee whiskeys available.

Clickspring’s reconstruction maintains the residential scale and character of Lem’s original creation — careful reinvention of the interior brings both local Jack Daniel’s hosts and enthusiasts from near and far together in an environment that immerses guests in Brown-Forman’s unique flavor of hospitality.

The house holds a collection of artifacts which add both texture and dimension to the historic narrative of the Jack Daniel’s brand, the distillery, the township of Lynchburg, and surrounding Moore County. Not intended to be taken too seriously, however, the renovation is decidedly “traditional with a twist” — features such as hidden doors and secret passages have been specifically designed to entice visitors to be curious, explore, discover, and simply enjoy.