Jiangsu | JSBC Media Center



Jiangsu’s 600 sq-m media center in Nanjing was designed to balance the five elements: fire, wood, metal, earth, and water, drawing inspiration from the Chinese notion that all material substances of the world are composed of these five prime building blocks. When in balance these energies promote stability and understanding, which is imparted to viewers and employees alike in the harmonious and immersive environment designed by Clickspring.

An expansive 12m x 5m video wall serves as the focal point of the 360° two-level space. Rounding out the state-of-the-art environment is a social media center which highlights Jiangsu’s impressive data ingest and analysis abilities, a spiral staircase weather hub that features a curved LED video display, views to active control and news rooms, and a catwalk that allows viewers a birds-eye perspective of the action. All the elements are in balance: cutting-edge technology and high-end design combine to create an encompassing and engaging space.