Christine de Witte | Vice President of Design

With a B.S. in Architectural Engineering and a Masters in Architecture from UT Austin, Christine comes to Clickspring with an incredible skill set: AutoCAD, VectorWorks, Cinema4D, FormZ, SketchUp, physical model building, sketching, and teaching experience.

Outside the office, Christine is an avid road cyclist who cofounded and races for W.0 Racing.

Detail oriented, analytical, observant, and cool, Christine makes sure the gears are in tight sync at Clickspring. She stays on the lookout for new ideas, materials and trends in design, keeping us up to the minute.

As a Vice President of Design, Christine has authored and directed large scale projects in the United States, Europe, and China for broadcast network clients, as well as in healthcare, hospitality, consumer, corporate, and event spaces.

Design Inspiration: UNStudio

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