FJTV | Media Center



Fujian Radio Film and TV Group (FJTV) tasked Clickspring with an ambitious goal to re-purpose an existing, multi-level space into a versatile broadcast environment designed for a variety of on-air programming.

Multiple shooting positions within the challenging space were facilitated by vast LED screens positioned around the studio’s perimeter, as well as a ceiling mounted camera track integrated within the mezzanine structure. Large double height windows were carefully masked to control daylight in the space, replaced with expansive LED arrays and light box elements to maintain visual interest and to reinforce the connection between the first and second levels.

The existing mezzanine was extended dramatically to increase programmable area. Two steel-supported extensions accommodate a conference space and master control room, both with glazed overlooks to the studio environment below.

Headquartered in Fuzhou, FJTV broadcasts globally in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and Hokkien.