GZTV | Guizhou Radio & Television Network

Guizhou, China


Approximately 500 square meters with a sweeping mezzanine catwalk and spiral staircase, Guizhou Radio & Television Network launched showcasing a maximum flexibility state of the art broadcast facility. Flushing with bold red scenic accents and crisp white contrasting deep blue LED content, three separate anchor desks and surrounding areas provide a variety of broadcast opportunities, all with various tones and backdrop highlights. Thinking critically, the design team was able to integrate tall standing scenic dividers that that still kept the space open and airy as a cohesive environment. A mezzanine level stretching through the midsection of the rectangular studio balance the studio sections, while connecting the spaces through glass partitions along the mezzanine edges, allowing for each studio to act as the others possible camera backdrop.

With construction having been caught off guard by the turmoil of Covid-19, this project reflects the incredible efforts of teamwork by our internal designers, project managers, lighting partners, and client.


GZTV launched on November 18th, 2020 in Guiyangnan, Guizhou, China.