Jodie Ellstrom | Drafting Production Manager

Jodie Ellstrom joins the growing ranks of CSD Texans, with the distinction of being 7th generation. This gives her branding rights. Or maybe just bragging rights.

An architecture graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Jodie was born to build. She started designing elaborate tree houses and forts as a child and has not stopped since, engaging in theater tech, creating custom furniture layouts for schools, shaping landscape environments, and developing residential and commercial architectural projects. This might make Jodie sound rather staid, but like all proud Texans, there’s a wildly independent weirdo on the back of the résumé: she’s a scuba diver, tattoo aficionado, cat and snake owner, and can read and write Tolkien Dwarvish. We needed someone at CSD for those Middle Earth clients.

Design Inspiration: Charles + Ray Eames, Josef Frank