Volant Media | Iran International

Washington, D.C.


Facing an aggressive schedule to design a premiere broadcast facility within a small footprint that was not originally designed to accommodate a broadcast studio, the designers employed unique fabrication strategies to provide solutions that avoid trendy tropes and traditional detailing that might otherwise derail a project with such challenging design parameters. 

The designers shaped the studios walls to maximize daylight control, leaving a substantial portion of the space open to the adjacent, functioning newsroom. This access can be closed via a series of tracking LED displays. 

The custom geometry features instances of compound curvatures, and the designers employed a seamless, custom faux carbon-fiber vinyl wrap to several components. This can be seen specifically at the scenery adjacent to the control room, which can be featured prominently on camera if desired. 

Thin, integrated LED channels accent the walls and floors, reinforcing geometric gestures introduced by the custom light grid above. 

A dual grid system surprisingly maximizes the height of the space, with the top grid anchored to the slab above that supports a custom, edge and backlit acrylic light box system that integrates within the voids of the curved, white lower light grid. This system was designed specifically for the project and minimizes the depth of the overhead scenery without sacrificing consistent, even illumination. 

Iran International debuted in 2021 from their bureau in Washington, D.C.