Events + Entertainment

Brands and marketers want and need new ways to engage their audiences. Experiential programs, branded environments, and corporate and consumer events create powerful opportunities for brands to immerse, interact with, and affect behaviors. The rapid increase in the conventions and meetings business sector indicates that professional and consumer audiences are equally eager to meet and connect with brands of all sorts. Trade shows, product launches, and sponsored events provide exciting convergence points for brands and their fans. When compared with traditional advertising or event design practices, effective experiential design programs in the Events & Entertainment arena exponentially extend the engagement time with consumer audiences.

At Clickspring Design, our combined areas of expertise make experiential event and entertainment design a natural part of our core competencies. We create imaginative, memorable designs using tools and techniques from TV broadcast design, consumer branded environments, corporate branded interiors, experiential design, and theater. This modern hybrid approach promotes sustained and extended live audience exchange that is innovative, content rich and memorable.

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