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Broadcast news set design for Asharq

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Broadcast studio design poses challenges that are unique to the medium of television. It’s a very particular way of seeing, structured by the single lens, a defined aspect ratio, and the challenges of video. Yet TV set and newsroom design today is subject to, and accountable for, concerns that are more typically aligned with marketing design.

The unique attributes of each broadcast brand, in each geography, must be extended in an architectural vocabulary that is both instantly recognizable as unique to the brand and relevant to the audience. This vocabulary needs to support and reinforce on-air content delivery on all of the screens, including online and mobile communication extensions.

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Broadcast design is no longer simply designing TV show sets and graphics. Both local and national broadcasters must contend with a thoroughly internationalized consumer who self- navigates, seeking the information they want, when they want it, on multiple distribution formats all over the world.

Clickspring embraces this new reality. We apply the same creative process to broadcast studio environments as we do with the consumer environment side of our practice — and vice versa.

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Broadcast sports set design for SEC Network

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