Consumer + Corporate Branded Environments

In recent years, new architecture and design have become a way for cities, corporations, institutions, and even individuals to reinvent themselves and revitalize their constituencies. Architecture and design have become catalysts of change — mediums for organizations to re-conceptualize their missions, their activities, and their relationship to culture.

Clickspring Design embraces this new reality as we apply the same creative process to consumer and corporate branded environments as that of our broadcast design practice. Whether the project is a brand destination, a retail space, or a corporate education center, the  same strategies for differentiation apply: the unique attributes of each brand, in each geography, must be extended in an architectural vocabulary that is both instantly recognizable as unique to the brand and relevant to the audience. That vocabulary needs to support and reinforce the brand message, from way-finding and interaction points to materiality and scale.

Experiential design focuses not only on formal and material design development, but most importantly on the creation of participatory, content-rich programs that relevantly communicate one-to-one with target audiences. It’s a new paradigm suggesting that “form follows content”, and as such, its practice is reliant upon robust content development, market benchmarking, behavioral and anthropological sciences, lifestyle trending, narrative theory, learning modalities as well as business best-practices.

The design of products, services, events, and even environments is inextricably linked to the ability to interpret content and to extrude and extend abstract ideas and elements into physical forms. Branded experiential environments create a powerful opportunity for brands to immerse, interact with, and affect behaviors of their audience. When the time of audience engagement is extended, the potential for both emotional connection and brand loyalty increases. This factor of time correlates directly to an increase in sales of products and services.