SEC Network Celebrates 5 Years with New Studio

August 22, 2019 · Debuts, News

With an office in the heart of SEC football territory, this project was a special one for us. We recently helped ESPN relaunch the SEC Network with not one but three unique spaces covering the network's entire broadcast day. From the nightly news program "SEC Now" to talker "Marty & McGee," we're proud to have helped!

On Air: Gabby Li, Anna Henry, & Jacob T. Middleton

August 9, 2019 · Blog

"On Air" is an internally produced series of staff interviews that showcase the talent and personalities of the people who keep Clickspring ticking. Our fourth installment features two conversations with our summer 2019 interns: Gabby Li in the New York office, as well as Anna Henry and Jacob T. Middleton in the Austin office. Check out our conversations about their studies, interests, and extremely relevant theoretical exercises involving ducks.

Clickspring Creates Immersive Stage for First Democratic Presidential Debate

July 18, 2019 · Debuts, Features, News

Stage design for the debates is challenging due to the many shot requirements as well as variability in number of candidates and show format. In addition, the set has to work for different venues, unknown at the time of the initial design, and be installed and show-ready in a three-day period. That being said, the energy and pressure of the live event are what make it a special experience.