WGN America’s [NewsNation] Debuts As Primetime News Force

September 2, 2020 · Blog, Debuts, News CHICAGO, IL 2020 The goals for the project were clearly set right from the beginning by Nexstar: ‘do something unique in a short amount of time’. Aiming for a design that was visually on par with ‘heavy-hitter’, primetime competitors that helped to visually define the brand for this new network we created a space that allowed for flexibility of both show rundown and look during the unusually long 3-hour run-time. The desk itself utilizes adjustable modesty panels so it can shrink and expand from two anchors to a 270-degree discussion for six. The Weather area is complete with satellite staging options and there is a breaking news area at the other end of the studio with touchscreen and ped camera. ... read more

ZJTV Launches With Range

August 18, 2020 · Blog Faced with the task of creating a space built both for broadcast news and a quiz show, Zhejiang Satellite TV News brought us a challenge unlike any before. This sleek-lined project includes two studio spaces meant to interact both in broadcast and show. Vibrantly colored with scenic lightboxes and juxtaposed wooden panels broken up with brushed metal finish mullions, ZJTV holds a balance of playfulness and seriousness that match each 360 degree space’s needs. The program aired July 28th in Hangzhou, China. Check out some additional photos and info here.... read more

Clickspring Wins Big at 2019 Broadcast Production Awards

July 22, 2020 · Awards, Blog, News

The results are in for NewscastStudio's Broadcast Production Awards, and we're proud of another record-setting showing! With three winning projects and four honorable mentions submitted across four categories, this year's awarded sets are some of the most visible and dynamic environments we have designed to date. Thank you to our clients, staff, and partners that allowed these projects to earn the recognition they deserve! ... read more

Clickspring Designers Stay Creative in Quarantine

July 21, 2020 · Blog

What have we been up to in quarantine? Finding creative ways to exercise newly learned skills! Danielle and Jacob, designers in our Austin office, submitted work for an architectural drawing challenge called HomeTown by Archisource. The brief of this project was to create an isometric drawing which speaks to your experiences and inspirations in quarantine. In between time spent working on projects, our staff have been honing their Cinema4D abilities. ... read more