Clickspring Wins Three Broadcast Production Awards, Three Honorable Mentions

New York, NY 


The world of Broadcast offers the opportunity to shape and engage our world; we take tremendous pride in the work that defines the Clickspring Design Portfolio. In a competitive year for the Broadcast Production Awards, with over 200 entries worldwide, we’re excited to share that two of our 2020 projects have taken home three winning trophies while three other Clickspring projects snagged an Honorable Mention. 

Set Design: International and Set Design: Fabrication 

Winner: Asharq News

Master planning the entire 57,000 broadcast facility in the Dubai International Financial Centre in the UAE, Clickspring was given the opportunity to convey Asharq’s broadcast truth of transparency through a built corporate environment. Cutting edge technologies throughout highlight not just the broadcast studio space, but editorial spaces, briefing rooms, and lounge areas alike. Avoiding the limits of traditional “black box” studios, Clickspring opened the studios to their newsrooms while integrating the control rooms into the on-air look, as well. These decisions required careful attention to acoustic and editorial workflows, but serve to visually reinforce the ideals of openness and accessibility both internally and on-air. Lifting the occupied building floors into a design worthy of a top-media-player, Asharq News boasts an unrivaled array of broadcast studios and support infrastructure for the global network. Asharq News launched November 11th, 2020. 

Set Design: National

Winner: WGNA News Nation

News Nation debuted September 1st in prime time to a national audience on WGN America. Clickspring contributed the scenic design of the studio, as well as a 12,000 square foot newsroom that features over 2,000 square feet of state of the art, open broadcast space. The signature technology feature of the set is a bank of six tall, portrait LED displays that anchor the north end of the space. Equipped with the ability to both pivot and track horizontally, the units can showcase individual news stories or combine to create large super-graphics that span the length of the studio. With a precise, quiet, and automated system, these displays’ movements often become a dramatic part of the show blocking, itself. With bespoke elements incorporated into the broadcast facilities entire footprint, News Nation conceptualized their mission and themselves while revitalizing their constituencies.

Set Design: International

Honorable Mention: Beijing Meteorological Bureau (BMB)

Organic undulations and a sweeping tornado center, Beijing Meteorological Bureau stands out as a truly one-of-a-kind broadcast environment. The vast majority of BMB’s scenery was fabricated by CNC-sculpted form. Components were printed in 1-meter by 1-meter sections that were then seamed together and blended onsite. Areas with special lighting features and integrated LED tiles utilize fiberglass that was sculpted to seamlessly frame the technology. The result is a continuous, clean aesthetic with sleek edges inspired by natural weather patterns. This CNC-sculpted form represents a pivotal moment for the future of fabrication technologies available to the broadcast industry at large. BMB Launched February of 2020.

Set Design: Special Event

Honorable Mention: CNN Heroes

The annual CNN Heroes program is known for celebrating hopeful stories and triumphant humans across the globe. A favorite recurring project for us here at Clickspring design, we look forward to seeing the new faces each year who help this world become a better place. The broadcast event has historically been held in the American Museum of Natural History’s Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, with the star-studded live audience celebrating the important work of the nominees under the famous life-sized model Blue Whale. As the risks of an audience event in 2020 grew due to the ongoing threat of the Covid-19 virus, the CNN team was forced to reimagine the format of the event while maintaining the splendor and hope of the Heroes annual broadcast

Set Design: Set Technology

Honorable Mention: Al Arabiya

Working to revitalize Al-Arabiya’s live network shows and reengage a base audience – Clickspring unveiled an environment packed with new technology, studios, and working spaces. Bringing the space into the next generation of journalism, Al Arabiya Dubai Headquarters utilizes new immersive technology to build a glossy bridge between the screen and viewer.  Rather than adhering to a prescribed 16:9 aspect ratio, LED displays were assigned size and proportions that respond to the needs of the content and the nature of the narrative used to communicate the story. Al Arabiya Launched May of 2020.

Above all, we would like to thank our extraordinary, creative, and thoughtful staff who have breathed life into every space we are fortunate enough to work with. In addition – our incredible clients who place their trust in us, and our partners who help our visions become a built reality. We’re on the edge of our seats thinking about what’s to come in the future.