SCTV | Sichuan TV Headquarters

Chengdu, China


Sichuan Radio and Television is a leading television network owned and operated by the Sichuan provincial government. Launched in 1960 as a local network before debuting nationally in 2003, SCTV approached Clickspring in 2019 to envision a major overhaul to modernize and elevate their flagship broadcast and editorial facilities in Chengdu.

The project scope included renovating and retrofitting the entirety of the headquarters’ fifth floor, including the creation of a new, modern 400 sq m (4,300 sq ft) broadcast studio. Located centrally, the studio supports the work of myriad editorial teams who operate from a collection of sensitively branded newsrooms, meeting areas, control rooms, and collaboration spaces arranged about the perimeter of the building. In total, the fifth floor encompasses a total of 1,920 sq m (20,700 sq ft).

An additional broadcast studio that launched in March of 2022 is located on the seventh level of the building, designed as an interim production facility that will continue to support the main studio during special event coverage, granting the network the flexibility of simultaneous broadcasts.

Several partner teams were indispensable to this project’s success, including The Lamar Johnson Collaborative, Eastern Lighting Design, and Youmans Designs.