A Q&A with Christine de Witte on NBC’s ‘The Choice’ and the Field of Virtual Backgrounds

November 17, 2020 · Blog, Debuts, News

October 5th, 2020 marked the launch of two new NBC Universal programs: Zerlina, hosted by Zerlina Maxwell and The Mehdi Hasan Show. Both shows are affiliated with the network’s brand news streaming service ‘The Choice”. The NBC team turned to us in order to mind meld a thoughtful solution that mixed the use of virtual backgrounds, broadcast studio design, and corporate interior design. Veteran Clickspring Design Director Christine de Witte, alongside Chief Creative Officer Emmett Aiello, spearheaded the project bringing all sides a success.

Asharq Unveils Dubai Headquarters Poised for Future Thinking

November 11, 2020 · Blog, Debuts, News

The notion of transparency is critical to Asharq’s editorial mission, and communicating that ideal both aesthetically and functionally within the built environment was important to the success of the project. Unifying four separated levels of the existing building with a dramatic and sculptural central staircase was an early design decision that informed the remaining organization of the project.

2020 Election Coverage With Social Distancing on NBC and MSNBC

November 4, 2020 · Blog, Debuts, News New York, NY 2020 A historic moment in history; the nation facing a global pandemic in the midst of an election year. The 2020 presidential election called for studio modifications both to revitalize the narrative storytelling of this year’s presidential race as well as to address each space for proper social distancing. Thinking critically on studio space 3A, in which a refurbished socially distant desk was first utilized for the 2020 convention coverage, the goal became to implement transformative changes that adapted the space into an election-centered broadcast environment. The studio space is to be utilized by Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and Nicole Wallace on election night. transporting the viewer into the up to the minute, statistic rich would of ... read more

Embracing Change and Celebrating New Positions at Clickspring Design

October 19, 2020 · Blog, Debuts, News New York, NY 2020 CSD has prided itself on being a vital collaborative team, delivering award-winning design work for a wide range of clients, across multiple industry segments and geographies. Our work has brought us to the forefront of broadcast set design, branded consumer environments, and corporate interior design – among other sectors. These past eight months have presented unprecedented challenges -- and it seems that for some time yet, we’ll all need to continue embracing resilience and change. We can do this! Speaking of change: the big breaking news about the CSD team includes a number of promotions/leadership changes. Erik Ulfers, our CEO, will  be shifting his role somewhat.  He will continue to engage with and oversee creative ... read more

WGN America’s [NewsNation] Debuts As Primetime News Force

September 2, 2020 · Blog, Debuts, News CHICAGO, IL 2020 The goals for the project were clearly set right from the beginning by Nexstar: ‘do something unique in a short amount of time’. Aiming for a design that was visually on par with ‘heavy-hitter’, primetime competitors that helped to visually define the brand for this new network we created a space that allowed for flexibility of both show rundown and look during the unusually long 3-hour run-time. The desk itself utilizes adjustable modesty panels so it can shrink and expand from two anchors to a 270-degree discussion for six. The Weather area is complete with satellite staging options and there is a breaking news area at the other end of the studio with touchscreen and ped camera. ... read more