Clickspring Pets Adapt to Work From Home

The past few months have been a period of adjustment for all of us at Clickspring Design. We are working from home and learning to adapt to video calls instead of face-to-face meetings… and so are our pets!

Our pets convened without us for a happy hour last week to discuss the future of broadcast set design and corporate branded interiors. Check out this screen grab from their Zoom meeting! Most of them were able to get video and audio set up correctly, but others seemed to have a tougher learning curve (looking at you Carlow and Rhona). Only a few were caught napping (Bee, Cheeto, Max, Babs, and River), three were highly overwhelmed (Lulu, Cloudy, and Cutesie), and two were extremely fed up (Beez and Toboe).

Overall, we are so impressed by how quickly they’ve picked up a new tool.