Clickspring Designers Stay Creative in Quarantine

What have we been up to in quarantine? Finding creative ways to exercise newly learned skills!

Danielle and Jacob, designers in our Austin office, submitted work for an architectural drawing challenge called HomeTown by Archisource. The brief of this project was to create an isometric drawing which speaks to your experiences and inspirations in quarantine. In between time spent working on projects, our staff have been honing their Cinema4D abilities. (Cinema4D is one of our most used softwares in creating our studio designs.) They both created these drawings using skills learned through the Cinema4D development time to create their finished product!

“HomeTown” by Jacob T. Middleton


“HomeTown” by Danielle Ndubisi


Over 600 drawings were submitted and the final tessellated drawing can be found here. And even more exciting, the work is being published in a book, which can be found here.