CCTV’s New Studios Focus on Technology First

How does broadcast work towards the future of design? We tackle this issue by putting technology at the forefront of our studio designs. With CCTV’s new studios, we used virtual and augmented reality to propel China’s largest news network into a brand new, innovative space.

Christopher Ferguson, our Director of Business Development, elaborates: “We’re seeing more 360 studios organized by continuous perimeter scenery, just like CCTV Studio 7. Among my peers there is this tendency to assume the future of scenic design is entirely virtual, but I forecast the continued rise of hybrid studios that incorporate hard scenery and physical AV elements.” The CCTV teams plan to use a combination of AR and VR in both Studios 7 and 11.

Packed with technology, these two brand new studio spaces allow CCTV to thrive in the increasing demands of cutting-edge broadcasting in China. Check out AV Magazine’s feature for an in depth look at our design process.