Clickspring Expands Digital Footprint with Mandarin Site

Clickspring Design, an experiential design firm with offices in New York and Austin, further expanded its commitment to the Chinese market with the launch of a dedicated Mandarin-language website.

“We started working in the Chinese market about six years ago,” notes Erik Ulfers, the firm’s founder and president, “I think it was clear from day one that China is a very unique environment to work in.”

In those six short years, Clickspring Design has completed projects in China for news broadcasters including CCTV, Suzhou TV, Shandong Television, and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation.

As well, Clickspring recently worked with Tencent to relaunch the network’s NBA coverage, a project which won multiple Set of the Year honors for broadcast design and augmented reality integration earlier this year.

“The market is very sophisticated in terms of technology, and Chinese broadcasters are looking to further professionalize and modernize their broadcast practice to eventually be leaders of the broadcast market. They’re looking towards our insights and knowledge of design to help do that,” added Ulfers.

Clickspring Design is also focused on branded and consumer environments in China, translating their unique expertise in broadcast to conceptual spaces for brands and businesses with strong architectural vocabulary and relevance.

“Our website underlines the fact that we’re a multidisciplinary firm and have a lot of staff with diverse international connections, bringing these different backgrounds to each project. We have an energetic design culture that wants to be shared with our Chinese clients and advocates,” said Ulfers.

The Chinese-focused website for Clickspring Design was launched around the auspicious occasion of the Chinese New Year and includes a firm overview, team biographies, recent projects and case studies.

The new website is available online at:

Clickspring Design(点击春天创意设计公司)是一家在广播电视领域有着丰富经验的设计公司,在纽约和奥斯汀均设有办事处。为了更好地服务于国内用户并开拓中国市场,我们特别推出了中文版网站。

“我们大约从六年前开始为中国市场提供设计工作,”公司创始人兼总裁Erik Ulfers(埃里克·乌尔弗斯)回忆道,“从第一天起,我们就意识到中国市场有着其独特性,充满了挑战。”





“点击春天是一家多元化的公司,拥有众多的员工和多样的国际关系,为每个项目带来不同的背景体验。我们拥有充满活力的设计文化,希望与我们的中国客户和倡导者分享。 ”Ulfers说。

2018年新春佳节,Clickspring Design的中文网站正式上线,其内容主要包括:公司概况、团队介绍、近期项目和案例研究,希望借此使更多国内广电从业者了解我们。