Clickspring Designers Explore Digitally Immersive “Machine Hallucination” at Artechouse

We love our work and find it imperative to explore art and design in the world around us. So, every so often we unplug from our desks, leave the office, and take a team “ClickTrip” to expand our creative horizons. We believe that exploring exhibitions, lectures, events, and installations ultimately helps shape our design work – and ourselves. This week, our New York office visited Artechouse to examine its inaugural exhibition, Machine Hallucination by Refik Anadol.

In Machine Hallucination, Anadol uses over 300 million images from a comprehensive range of architectural styles and time periods to show hidden connections between moments in history. The algorithm used to connect these moments creates an experience where memory and recognition of New York’s most well known buildings are reformed to interact in a “fluid consciousness,” thus intertwining the city’s architectural past, present, and future. Machine Hallucination overwhelms the viewer in a cinematic, yet dizzily disorienting experience, to show how artificial intelligence can interact with photography to help us realize the complex fabric that unfolds our present realities.

Check out some images taken by our team below! And to really see the space in action head over to our instagram video posts. Prepare to be mesmerized!

You can visit Machine Hallucination in the Chelsea Market Digital Art Space.

Many thanks to Clickspring designers Christine de Witte, Murat Ustuner, Donna Lee, and Kendra James for lending their photos and videos of the event!