Clickspring Nominated for 41st Annual News & Documentary Emmys

We’re honored and excited to announce that our work for the 2020 CNN Democratic Presidential Debate in Detroit as well as the 2020 NBC News Democratic Debate Special have been nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design!

Both of these projects represent the successes of design as a collaborative process. This year’s Democratic primary debates challenged our designers to accommodate a variety of candidates, venues, and formats, and we’re proud of the flexibility and stature that shines through both of these projects.

With the NBC debate stage utilizing LED in an adaptable fashion, imagery of the iconic white house and the theme of transparency shine through during these significant television moments.

The CNN debate stage capitalized on a circular star-studded truss suspended above a restrained stage setting allowing for accommodation across all venue sizes.

We are proud of the teamwork that earned these nomination and look forward to watching the results reel in this September.

Learn more about both of these projects here and here.